Tell el-Dab'a - The Wall Paintings of Tell el-Dab'a

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Tell el-Dab'a

The aim of the venture in Tell el-Dab'a is a comprehensive documentation of the corpus of murals found at this site.
Up to now a quite impressive series of motifs and topics has been identified: Within the material of the small ‘Palace F’ a bull-leaping scene, small-scale human and animal hunts, acrobats, male figures and architecture as well as life-size male figures, large-scale landscapes, griffins and lions, a life-size animal fight, a floor with maze pattern, a spiral frieze and large-scale cattle in relief. The material of the larger ‘Palace G’ is as yet only very partially cleaned and conserved. But the current work already brought to light big amounts of so-called ‘architectural imitations’, large-scale landscapes, a life-size female figure, several ‘decoration-schemes’, textile patterns, and different topics conducted in relief, as for example at least two male figures and a lion.

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